Closing, not taking consignments. Thank you.

We accept clothing Monday through Saturday 11-2:30. No appointment is needed.

We are very selective about what we accept. Please inspect your clothing carefully. All clothing must be freshly laundered or dry cleaned, pressed and on hangers. Hangers will be returned to you. Presentation is everything! Your clothing is more likely to sell if it looks great.

We accept better name brands and designer labels. No discount store merchandise. Clothing must be seasonal - we are currently accepting Winter items.

Clothing must be in excellent condition, current styles from the last year or two, and free of odors such as mothballs, smoke and mustiness. Please make sure there are no stains, tears or snags. Check for working zippers, missing buttons,and intact labels. We reserve the right to donate items with flaws previously missed including old styles.

A minimum of 8-10 clothing items is needed to start a consignment account, but there is no maximum. Please try to bring in more as we usually don't accept all items. After you have started a file there is no minimum.

We also consign accessories; belts, scarves, shoes, hats, 14k & sterling jewelry. We accept bathing suits and lingerie with store tags still attached.

We establish the retail value of each item. Once sold, you receive 50% of the final selling price. Consignment accounts are updated on a monthly basis. Please check your account every month! It is not possible for us to call you. Checks are issued when commissions due equal $15.00 or more. Amounts less than that may be used as store credit. Money is kept on account for one year.

Items not sold after 30 days are marked down 25%, after 60 days they are marked down 50%. After 90 days all unsold items are donated to Eastside Community Aid or American Cancer Society. Tax slips are provided by the charities on request.

Please allow us to help you turn your unused items into cash. We appreciate the opportunity to be of service.